Our People

Matt Hurren - CeMAP - CeRER
Matt Hurren - CeMAP - CeRER , Director - Mortgage and Protection Advisor
Tel. 01322 937 550
Mobile. 07714 264 181
Email. matthurrennovumms.co.uk
Matt Hurren has over 40 years of experience within Financial Services. His insight and understanding of the economy and rate cycles in the current environment put him in a league of his own .
Friendly, intuitive and very hands-on, ensuring you are assisted through the entire mortgage and protection process. Breaking down barriers and fears surrounding financial advice.

Aaron Carpenter - CeMAP
Aaron Carpenter - CeMAP, Mortgage and Protection Advisor
Tel. 01322 937 550
Mobile. 07513 907 149
Email. aaroncarpenternovumms.co.uk
Aaron has been with Novum Mortgage Services team since January 2021.
Albeit new to the financial services industry, Aaron has over 25 years’ experience in client focused roles through various industry sectors. Friendly, knowledgeable, fully qualified, and ready to help advise you with all your mortgage and protection needs.
Peace Edetanlen - CeMAP
Peace Edetanlen - CeMAP , Mortgage and Protection Advisor
Tel. 01322 937 550
Mobile. 07539 240 838
Email. peaceedetanlennovumms.co.uk
Since fully qualifying in early 2019 as a Mortgage and protection advisor, Peace has gained more experience and assisted many clients in varied circumstances..
Peace’s ability as a quick learner, to adapt in demanding situations, has enabled her to work with clients in producing successful outcomes in scenarios that were otherwise complex.
Friendly, easy to talk to and is open to working with you in providing the advice needed to secure your mortgage offer or required protection.
Matthew Kearney - CeMAP
Matthew Kearney - CeMAP , Mortgage and Protection Advisor
Tel. 01322 937 550
Mobile. 07516 433 966
Email. matthewkearneynovumms.co.uk
Matthew joined Novum Mortgage Services in November 2021 having fully qualified in Mortgage and Protection advice .
Whilst he is new to the Mortgage and Protection industry, he brings over a decade of experience in academic and business consultancy roles.
He is very diligent and client-focussed. He looks forward to taking the hassle and stress out of the entire mortgage & protection process for you.

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